Our Chocolate - Fair Trade Organic

​Sweet Impact's Chocolate Fudge is handcrafted using all natural ingredients, including fair trade organic chocolate and organic, fair trade sugar. Our chocolate fudge is our gift to you, and for every pound purchased $2 is donated to organizations helping women turn oppression into opportunity with education and micro-financing.

About Our Chocolate

The Ingredients For Our Gourmet Fudge

Anyone who’s spent a good amount of time with me quickly comes to accuse me of over-thinking things. It’s true. Stinks some days, but with projects like this, it’s pushed me farther than ever to produce a fudge that is holistically excellent. Ingredients are where it starts. Most of my passion about the importance of ingredients stems from a need to come to peace with how our food choices impact the global community.  No one can realistically guarantee pure ethics and environmental good come from all their choices. The global market is incredibly complex, and often opaque.  Sweet Impact is seeking to do what it can, with whatever information can be gathered by some rather obsessive research. Yes, I am that person!

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Chocolate is the foundation, but because that is such an important part of why Sweet Impact exists, I’ll save that for its own section. See more below.

Sugar has a long, and often ugly, past when it comes to human rights. And because it is an ingredient we’ve developed quite the dependency on, plenty of people are raising the awareness of where sugar comes from.  There is finally a market developing in America for organic, fair trade certified cane sugar and Sweet Impact is happy to use that as our exclusive sugar for our creamy, artisan fudge.

Real. Flavors for our fudge come from the source; whether it’s orange or lemon zest boiled in with the sugar, or lavender and mint from the garden.  Whether it's butter, milk or vanilla, nothing artificial is included, because, quite simply, it just tastes better that way. 

Love for humanity must be joined with love for the planet... Love can heal.
— ~Bruno Guiderdon, Director of Research at the Paris Institute of Astrophysics


quality fudge confections

The environmental and child slavery issues surrounding the cocoa industry are one of the primary reasons Sweet Impact was begun. Our hope is to both educate our customers on what we can do to help with these humanitarian issues and to provide gourmet chocolate fudge confections that go easier on one’s conscience. (No promises as to the impact on one’s waistline! Oh, but it's worth it! My friends assure me!)

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For in-depth material on the chocolate industry, please head on over to The Chocolate Industry to work your way through the links we’ve included that help explain the problems associated with the cocoa and chocolate markets and the ways various companies are attempting to address it. The bottom line is that sourcing chocolate is complicated and no one approach works to solve all aspects. We’ve made our chocolate choices based on companies that have proven to have the highest quality chocolate product, while leading the way in using their industry standing to make significant impact in a variety of ways.

Chocolate quality is key to how the confections turn out. The intensity of the cocoa and percentage of cocoa butter in a chocolate confection can take it from simply a sweet treat to a luxurious, rich, complex mouthful of decadence. Even the source of the cocoa beans creates a unique flavor signature. Each of the flavors of Sweet Impact fudge have their own combination of different chocolate intensity levels and sources that provide a wonderful canvas for the other ingredients.

Our chocolate comes from the Fair Trade lines of Callebaut and a variety of single origin or organic Republica Del Cacao lines, Guittard's Fair Trade South and Central American and Kah Kow, a Dominican Republic chocolate company.