Our Story of Family, Fudge, & Futures

Buy fudge online. Sweet Impact's gourmet fudge is made with organic fair trade chocolate by Callebaut and organic fair trade sugar.

I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.
— Kahlil Gibran

The Secret Family Fudge Recipe

made from joy and generosity

A couple of decades ago, I had the privilege of meeting just one of the many strong, generous women, who have been role models for me. Actually, I met her daughter first. We became wonderfully close friends, and when I married her husband’s best friend, her folks sort of considered us part of the extended family. Mama L. lived in Alberta, Canada. She had been known for decades for two things - her heart was as big and generous as the Canadian Prairie and she made the most amazing chocolate fudge.  The fudge recipe, however, was a closely guarded secret. I begged and begged for this precious fudge recipe from my friend, but she never gave in. But, after I was married, Mama L. let me in on the family secret, with the promise that I would not become a competitor and start selling.

On Christmas of 2011, this amazing woman lost her battle with cancer and her family and the world felt the loss of her heart keenly. The charity organization she’d devoted her life to, for decades, mourned her as well.

One year later, when the Compassion and Justice Store that my church runs was looking for a way to raise money for World Vision micro loans, it seemed only natural that I offer to sell the fudge I’d been giving away as gifts for years, to help out.

The Future of Our Gourmet Fudge

the heart used in our logo was created by the fudgemaker's daughter
family, a girl rising, and chocolate


Now, this recipe has been modified over the years I’ve made it.  There are fudge flavors I make that would have probably been a bit of a shock to Mama L. Not sure she would approve of sticking tart cherries or chilis in it. I do suspect, though, that she who loved all things Victorian and tea-related, would have fully enjoyed the Lemon Delight - one of my newest creations that just melts in your mouth and makes you close your eyes in a swoon. And I know she would have heartily approved of the reason we are doing this. I can only hope that she will be well represented by the work this chocolate fudge goes on to do. Mama L., I will never forget you and am hoping the angels in Heaven whisper in your ear about this.  Thanks for showing me your servant heart AND your precious chocolate fudge recipe. Just like you, Sweet Impact Fudge is going to keep on giving and giving and giving joy through fudge and raising up the many women who are oppressed today. $2 of every 1 lb fudge purchased will be donated to one of the many women's organizations dedicated to improving the future of women around the world.

* Amount donated to organizations will increase once we cover our start-up costs! The fudgemaker is a stay-at-home mom, and the friend has one in college and another starting soon. If you want to help us out with covering costs, we would be more than grateful! Talk about spreading the fudge love and joy!