The Chocolate Industry

Child Slavery & Cocoa

It's real. It's happening now.

Children tricked or coerced into leaving their families are the cheap labor used to keep cocoa and chocolate prices low.  The chocolate we buy in the store for such incredibly low prices came with a terrible human cost. Child slavery.

These precious children do not receive any wages, much less the bicycle or other precious item promised when they were lured from the streets. How much in human lives are we willing to pay for the cheap chocolate that these children have never tasted?

The veil of the world’s ignorance is slowly being lifted on the rampant forms of modern day slavery and human trafficking. 

In every era of history, when people have discovered such evil, there have been abolitionists who have stood against it and made their voices for change heard. By the grace of God and the gift of a great woman, Sweet Impact would do the same.

Our fudge is made from chocolate that comes from certified organic and fair trade growers, and from farmers in regions of the world where cacao is a proud, centuries-old family tradition, grown in harmony with its native rain forests.

We seek to change the chocolate market so that companies who still work in western Africa where child slavery is rampant will feel the pressure from us as consumers to use practices that value the lives of those who grow the cacao. We also want to do something to impact the chronic poverty that leaves women and children vulnerable to modern slavery. We believe in empowering women and girls through education and entrepreneurship. Our profits go to support two programs that directly impact women and children in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, C.R.E.E.R.—a group home for children rescued out of slavery on the Cacao plantations and CAMFED.

We can’t change the world. But we can change someone’s world.

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You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.
— William Wilberforce
Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.
— Bono

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